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Products, Materials and Services

Cabinetry is the single largest item that reflects the style and quality of your home or business. The selections you make in the materials and finishes for your project will determine that look and feel.

Selection of materials can seem endless and sometimes even overwhelming. A good place to start is to decide what style you are after for your project. Many times it is helpful to find pictures that capture the look and details that you want for your project. Then, our designers can pick the products that will create the look that you want.

Following is an overview of the large selection of products and materials we offer. For a project to go smoothly, it is important to create a comprehensive design and make specific product choices.

Frameless Cabinet

Face Frame Cabinet

Flush Inset Cabinet

Drawers and Drawer Guides


There are many ways to construct cabinets including Frameless, Face Frame, and Flush Inset construction. We use, and sometimes combine, these construction types as your projects design requires.

Frameless Cabinet
Frameless or “European” type cabinets feature the full overlay style (very minimal gaps between door and drawer faces) that is so prevalent in today’s designs. This type of construction is used almost exclusively in commercial applications.

Face Frame Cabinet
Face Frame type cabinets are used when a space is desired between cabinet door faces and where there are open shelf units which look better with a wood trimmed face around the opening.

Flush Inset Cabinet
Flush Inset type cabinets are a unique look where the door faces are inset into a cabinet face frame to create a “flush” look across the cabinet face. Many times the face frame will be beaded around the door and drawer openings or “beaded inset” to accentuate this look.

Custom, Premium, Architectural Grade

Custom grade cabinets are our superior commercial line of cabinets which, while offering limited options and accessories, work well for residential projects at a lower price point.

Premium grade cabinets are what has become our more typical product for residential construction, offering a huge variety of wood types, door styles, finishes, and accessories.

Architectural grade cabinets are a grade typically specified on projects involving great detail and ongoing interaction with owners, designers, and architects. This grade truly offers unlimited materials and finishes.

We take pride in the variety of the materials we work with.

• Wood and Veneers
• Metals
• Glass
• Laminates
• Plastics
• Granite and Natural Stones
• Solid Surface
Ask about our “Green” products

All products we use are selected for the highest quality. All products procured for your project are carefully specified and inspected upon arrival to confirm they are adequate for your project.

Readily available wood types include Red and White Oak, Alder, Maple, Cherry, Beech, Vertical Grain Fir, Mahogany and more. More exotic woods are available upon request. Almost all wood types are available as “rustic”, allowing knots, sapwood, and mineral steaks for added character.

See an overview of common Wood Types here.

Cabinet Door Styles
Door styles below are grouped for your convenience. Any door style is available in any wood or material. If you want to create a unique look of your own, door details can be altered to create a custom door style for your project.
Traditional Wood Doors
Laminate Faced Doors
Veneer Faced Doors
Commercial Applications
RTF (ridged thermo foil) doors
Cabinet door edges and profiles

Cabinet Interiors
All of our cabinets are constructed from 5/8” or 3/4” material to create the strongest cabinet possible. All our materials and construction methods meet or exceed WI custom grade standards.

Available Materials:
Melamine is available in White and Hardrock Maple as well as many special order colors. Veneer plywood is available in Maple and all other wood species.

Drawers and Drawer Guides
All drawer box materials and hardware will hold up and serve you adequately for the life of your cabinets. The options below explore esthetic, functional, and budget options. All material and drawer guide options are available in either our residential and commercial product lines unless noted otherwise.

Material Options:
• Metal (with integral guides)
• Melamine
• Baltic Birch Plywood
• Solid Wood

Construction Options:
Our drawers are constructed using either “butt” joints which are square parts butted and doweled together, or “dovetail” joints which are an interlocking joint made by routing the ends of adjoining pieces. Dovetail joints are esthetically pleasing but do not necessarily create a stronger joint.

Drawer Guide Options:
• Integral 3/4” extension, drawer sides / guides
• Economy 3/4” extension, roller guides
• Side mount, full extension, ball bearing guides
• Concealed bottom mount, full extension, soft close, ball bearing guides

Trim and Moldings
Trim and moldings can range from the minimal amount needed to finish out your project to extravagant crown molds, turned posts, and ornate carvings which make your project a showpiece. The catalogs below are a sample of available options.
Osbourne “the basics”
Enkeboll “the extravagant”

Cabinet Accessories
Accessories for your cabinets can improve function and accessibility. Pull out pantries and trash/recycle bins. Tip out trays and drawer inserts. Closet and desk organizers. All will greatly enhance your workspace. – see some great accessories here.

We use Conversion Varnish for all of our finishes. Conversion Varnish is a Catalyzed Polyurethane finish, meaning it hardens by a chemical reaction much like the paint on your automobile. While this product costs much more than traditional finishes it has proven to be a lifetime finish of uncompromising beauty and durability. We offer both clear and painted finishes. We have a standard color selection of stains and paints and can custom match any color you want. We also offer glazes, distressing, and antiquing elements.

Glass, Stone and Metal
Glass, Stone, and Metals can be integrated into any design and used in a multitude of ways from the typical glass door inserts or glass shelves to glass, metal or stone countertops and radius stone cabinet faces.

Architectural Moldings
Specifically designed and manufactured moldings, panels, and other products are available either as part of a larger project or as an individual order. Please inquire.

The design of your project is crucial for accurate bids, project visualization, communicating expectations, and preventing misunderstandings. CCi provides comprehensive design and specifications services. Ask about our free design services program.

CCi offers complete installation services, guaranteeing your projects safe delivery, professional installation, and prompt completion. Having us provide the installation on your project will save you time and money.


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