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Go Green!

Being “green” has many options and can mean something different to everybody. We offer many Green options and add new products as quickly as we can evaluate them. Our commitment as a company is to be practically green. “To offer the best balance of the different aspects of 'green' at a practical and affordable level.”

Sustainable products and conservation of our resources are the key components in the green movement. There are ever increasing materials and processes available to us to help in this effort. Unfortunately, fine cabinetry has traditionally been created from domestic and imported old growth hardwoods. While reducing the amount of these woods used through veneering and adapting to frameless cabinet construction helps, the only true sustainable woods at this time are woods such as Bamboo, Lyptus, and Beech which come from managed forests. Many of these, though, come from long distances - or even from overseas.

Reducing the amount of energy required to produce a product and the distance it travels to get to our shop helps to reduce the “carbon footprint” of the materials we use. Consideration should be given to how green a product is if it is transported across a continent - or an ocean - to get to your job site.

Both sustainable material choices and reducing our carbon footprint make for a healthier world. However, for some people wanting to be green also can be a health related issue. Some people react to the “off gassing” of materials used in the construction of their home or office. Consult with us on ways to mitigate off gassing through the careful choice of the materials used and construction techniques.

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